Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our personal lab!

My mom is a teacher in a school where chemistry hasn't been taught for ages. Today she brought us a huuuuge (and heavy) box with a complete set of oooold laboratory equipment! That's awesome. We almost feel like those old naturalists from 19th century (well, our things aren't that old, but anyway!) :) And because we have no proper chemicals right now but my 8 y.o. brother wanted to try it immediately, we went outside and me and Tesla explained him at least something about pH :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We went to the zoo today with my friends (it was actually a school trip with biology class :)). It's really hard to choose only a few from those loads of photos.

 Here's our first contest photo: SOMETHING BLUE. The girl is my friend, Markéta.

Here's Tesla with her cousins in their real size. She's the tiniest and most purple one :)

 If I'm not mistaken this should be the largest garden gnome in Europe. Anyway, did you know that there was the very first garden gnome factory in Ústí nad Labem? I don't think it's great, just interesting :)

Tesla found a new friend: a cheetah.

And rode an elephant! (I've never managed to get up there so my friend had to do it :D)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend in Krásná Lípa

We spent a weekend in Krásná Lípa (also called 'Nobilis Tilia'- 'a beautiful linden'). My aunt has a pharmacy right in the square, with a big garden and a church as the only neighbour. It's a very nice place. We are going to see more during summer holiday but this time we went there to celebrate my cousins 18th birthday.

Tesla rocking the house with David's guitar.

Then we went outside to the summer-house and had a piece of decorated medovník (honey cake, the softest, sweetest, most delicious thing ever!).

Tesla tried Czech Pilsner Urquell.

Can you find a bear? :)

Before the rest of family arrived we were playing a little.

 Tesla found a snack.

And finally... barbecue! Yummy.

 Don't worry, she's just posing this way ;) Nobody got drunk.


Then we went back to the house with my cousin to watch Star Wars and Tesla had another snack during the movie (yes, we were eating A LOT...)

 And because we were in a pharmacy here's a photo of Tesla on an old prescription balance.

When it got dark outside we went to the square to see a small fountain with water and lights show. It was really pretty! Unfortunately we didn't manage to take some better photos :/

And here's Tesla with one of statues.

Before going to bed we watched one of Cimrman's plays, so Tesla could learn something about Czech history, classical literature and legends in funny way.

On her way back to Ústí.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In school

I took Tesla to school with me today. It's a boring place but she met many new people

The first lesson was physics and I was writing a test. Luckily Tesla was helping me as she's not such an antitalent as me (which you can see in her name already ;)). We got 1! (A)

My friend wanted to have a photo with Tesla too.

And then we three shared snacks. At first Tesla didn't want to eat only these bears (which mom put in my bag especially for her :D) so I had to remind her that they're just jelly and that I also ate the jelly babies at home and I don't feel like a cannibal.
Tesla is learning Czech very quickly, she understands people quite well. However I think her favorite lesson today was English, she was the best student in the class!
Now I'll go and put her to sleep and then I have to study for tomorrow's history exam. But it's the last exam of this year so since tomorrow I'll have more free time for her. And for the weekend we plan to go to Krásná Lípa because my cousin is celebrating his 18th birthday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tesla arrived to Ústí nad Labem!

 Tesla arrived to the northern Bohemia and brought many goodies! I haven't had enough time to take her around or make more photos today and next two days will be very busy, so she will start her adventures a bit later. But I'm sure we will have a great time. :)
And by the way, my family already loves her!


Tesla arrived with her passport, a postcard, something to eat (Jelly Babies! Oh my god, I heard about them so many times but never had them, I almost thought they were fictional candies! :D) and a little book with English recipes. I must try to cook something while she's here! :) Thank you, Kayla!

And here's Tesla having a snack after her long journey :)


Tesla's already sleeping so I took a photo of her in her new bed. She sleeps on a shelf right next to my bed.