Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend in Krásná Lípa

We spent a weekend in Krásná Lípa (also called 'Nobilis Tilia'- 'a beautiful linden'). My aunt has a pharmacy right in the square, with a big garden and a church as the only neighbour. It's a very nice place. We are going to see more during summer holiday but this time we went there to celebrate my cousins 18th birthday.

Tesla rocking the house with David's guitar.

Then we went outside to the summer-house and had a piece of decorated medovník (honey cake, the softest, sweetest, most delicious thing ever!).

Tesla tried Czech Pilsner Urquell.

Can you find a bear? :)

Before the rest of family arrived we were playing a little.

 Tesla found a snack.

And finally... barbecue! Yummy.

 Don't worry, she's just posing this way ;) Nobody got drunk.


Then we went back to the house with my cousin to watch Star Wars and Tesla had another snack during the movie (yes, we were eating A LOT...)

 And because we were in a pharmacy here's a photo of Tesla on an old prescription balance.

When it got dark outside we went to the square to see a small fountain with water and lights show. It was really pretty! Unfortunately we didn't manage to take some better photos :/

And here's Tesla with one of statues.

Before going to bed we watched one of Cimrman's plays, so Tesla could learn something about Czech history, classical literature and legends in funny way.

On her way back to Ústí.

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  1. Wow! Tesla looks like she is having a blast! Food and drink are her two favourite things, she must have been in heaven! And that cake looks sooo yummy!