Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In school

I took Tesla to school with me today. It's a boring place but she met many new people

The first lesson was physics and I was writing a test. Luckily Tesla was helping me as she's not such an antitalent as me (which you can see in her name already ;)). We got 1! (A)

My friend wanted to have a photo with Tesla too.

And then we three shared snacks. At first Tesla didn't want to eat only these bears (which mom put in my bag especially for her :D) so I had to remind her that they're just jelly and that I also ate the jelly babies at home and I don't feel like a cannibal.
Tesla is learning Czech very quickly, she understands people quite well. However I think her favorite lesson today was English, she was the best student in the class!
Now I'll go and put her to sleep and then I have to study for tomorrow's history exam. But it's the last exam of this year so since tomorrow I'll have more free time for her. And for the weekend we plan to go to Krásná Lípa because my cousin is celebrating his 18th birthday!

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